Untamed Labs Ape Sh*t Pre Workout


There are those days when you step in the gym and you're ready to unload all of your frustrations on the iron. When these type of days roll around (and they always do), a conventional pre workout simply won't do. You need a pre workout that will push you over the edge and imbue your body with the anger, aggression, and ferocity of a pack of wild apes.

Introducing, Untamed Labs Ape Sh*t, a pre workout unlike any other. One scoop of Ape Shit will unleash your animalistic fury and infuse your core with fire of a thousand suns. Each serving of Ape Shit delivers everything you need to go bananas in the gym.

Intense energy, raw power, endless focus, and massive muscle pumps -- you get it all with Ape Shit by Untamed Labs.

Here's how it works:

Ape Sh*t Ingredients

- L-Citrulline (4.5g)

Want arms the size of King Kong? Then you're going to need L-Citrulline!

Citrulline is an incredibly potent nitric oxide boosting supplement that blows l-arginine out of the water and delivers the most amazing pumps you've ever experienced. Your veins will be engorged with blood, promoting extremely pronounced vascularity.

There's more, citrulline also aids performance by enhancing ATP production in the body, enabling you to push harder in the gym to make greater gains.

- Beta Alanine (3.2g)

Outlasting the competition isn't just about drive, it's also about the ability to sustain a high level of performance from start to finish, and that's where beta alanine comes in. Long known as the ultimate endurance-boosting supplement, beta alanine is a "must have” for any serious athlete.

Beta alanine is a precursor to carnosine production. Carnosine is a powerful intracellular buffer that shuttles acidic ions away from your working muscles, enabling them to work for longer periods before succumbing to fatigue. With beta alanine, you'll experience less "burning” sensations in your muscles while training, allowing you to blow past the competition. Increased power, strength, and endurance are something any athlete wants, and you'll get it with beta alanine.

- Taurine (2g)

Gyms are notoriously stuffy, and with this poor ventilation means you'll be sweating buckets. While this might make you feel like you're having a great workout, it also puts you at risk for dehydration. To counter this, Ape Sh*t provides 2 full grams of taurine, a conditionally essential amino acid that enhances hydration, endurance and focus.

Taurine encourages your muscles to pull in extra water, and other essential nutrients, supporting your body's ability to go the distance. On top of that, you'll also experience some pretty epic water-fueled pumps due to the cell volumizing ability of taurine.

- AgmaMAX™ Agmatine Sulfate (750mg)

4.5g of pure L-Citrulline is enough to give any athlete a raging pump, but Ape Sh*t ratchets up the intensity of your muscle pumps with the addition of AgmaMAX™ Agmatine Sulfate.

Agmatine promotes long-lasting NO production by inhibiting arginase, the enzyme that degrades arginine. With arginase down for the count, arginine levels stay high in the body, allowing for superior nitric oxide production, and giving you the hardest, densest, and longest-lasting pumps you've ever experienced.

While other pre workouts will try to get by with only 250-500mg of Agmatine, Ape Shit gives you more bang for your buck by including a stout 750mg per scoop, allowing you to experience the truest sensation of "skin-tearing” pumps and vascularity.

- Choline Bitartrate

Heading into the gym with anger and fury is a great thing, but only if it's controlled. Running around the gym in an unfocused tirade will do nothing more than make for an unproductive workout, and probably get you banned from the gym at the same time.

Choline bitartrate provides the crucial element of focus to your rage that allows you to go ape while still having an incredibly effective and gains-filled training session. It provides the backbone of the "learning neurotransmitter”, acetylcholine, which not only boosts concentration, but also the crucial "mind-muscle connection.” With choline you'll feel the muscles working better, making for a superior workout, and ultimately better gains.

- Caffeine

Going Ape is all about intense energy and aggression. To give you the energy you need to wreck it in the gym, Untamed Labs includes not one, but THREE forms of caffein to help you unleash that pent up rage.

Using a scientifically formulated blend of Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine Citrate, Infinergy™ Dicaffeine Malate, Ape Shit give you the immediate and prolonged burst of energy you need to crush it for hours on end at the gym. Best of all, there's absolutely zero crash or jittery feelings with this caffeine matrix, making for a truly unbelievable energy experience..

- Yohimbine HCl

Caffeine is great on its own for endless energy, but to really give that feeling of raw intensity, Ape Sh*t also includes Yohimbine. This potent CNS stimulant, provides a pronounced kick not felt with any other stim. It boosts mood, energy, and even supports fat burning during your workout. Yohimbine is what really sets Ape Shit's energy blend apart from any other pre workout on the market.

- Citicoline

Ape Shit doubles-down on the element of focus in your workouts by including Citicoline, the most potent form of choline supplement available!

With greater choline supply, your body will experience the truest sense of tunnel-vision focus, making for a pre workout experience unlike any other. You'll feel each and every muscle fiber contract while lifting and witness first hand just how important focus is to your training.

- Huperzine A 1%

Huperzine A is an incredible nootropic and awesome counterpart to choline. Whereas choline directly increases acetylcholine production, huperzine prolongs its actions in the brain by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine

The end result of huperzine's enzyme-stunting actions is increased acetylcholine circulation for superior focus and concentration during training. Combined with choline, the two make a focus-boosting combo that can't be beat!