Ben Fredericks


About me:

I’m currently 5 years out from completing my VCE. Since then, I have worked in management, studied nutrition (attempted others), and have changed career plans numerous times! But in saying that, I love bettering myself from a health and fitness standpoint – and I love helping others do the same. Besides from bodybuilding, I also like to get the ol’ burger with my mates, cook, and the odd video game every now and then.
- Qualifications: Studying Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition & Dietetics).   
- Exercise routine

My current lockdown routine is fairly similar to my regular routine. The only small difference will be the exercises and the volume. My current training split involves:
Chest, forearms & abs
Back & calves
Shoulders, arms & abs
Legs, incl. calves
Plus a lil’ bit of LISS cardio here and there.

- Supplements I use and why:

I’ll use a wide range of supplements that will benefit my goals at the time, but my year-round, daily staples are:
The Pure Essentials Creatine Monohydrate, to maximise my performance and recovery - through increased high-intensity energy system production and assisting the processes involved with muscular contraction.  
 The Pure Essentials L-Glutamine, for gut health and to support cell production – therefore keeping my energy levels regulated, my gastrointestinal system healthy, and by preventing intramuscular breakdown.
ATP Science Z-MAG. It has the combination of magnesium, zinc, selenium and taurine, which is extremely useful regardless if you’re training or not. I’m someone who is recommended to have a high amount of magnesium in my diet due to constant injury. So with that plus the zinc – which supports my immune health and hormone production –     Z-MAG supports my recovery and rest in a variety of different ways.
Rule 1 R1. I find this particular Whey protein digests well for me and tastes great! Protein powders are an extremely useful tool to use to fill any gaps in my diet. Can’t eat at the time? Protein shake.

- Top 3 movies:
Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope

- Top junk foods:
Ben & Jerry’s Choc Fudge Brownie (the whole pint)
- bottom foods:
Anything from the ocean

- Cats or dogs:
Dogs. No debate.

3 people I’d invite to dinner:
The Fam 100%
Oh, and Arnie (who wouldn’t?)

What you love about NI:
Nutrition Industries, to me, is about honesty and integrity. The advice and help you will receive will be from real education and experience to help better your performance and recovery, rather than pushing products that may have no relevance. It is a small community of genuine people who love to better themselves, and love to help others to do the same. Whether it’s a question about supplementation, food, training, or anything health related – you’re going to get the honest, most helpful answer - and that’s what I love.