David Schmitt



About me:

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 14 years and have a real passion for it. I have done everything and anything to do with fitness and nutrition from running gyms to competing. Training clients to inventing products. If there is anything I know and know well its nutrition, health and fitness.

- Qualifications:

A lot – But honestly over the years the best qualification I have ever had has been experience.

- Exercise routine:

Currently training for functional fitness and strength instead of my traditional Body building routine.

5 times weight sessions per week and 4 times 3-5km times at 4min 30sec / km.

Split in:

Chest / Back X2

Shoulders / Arms X2

Legs / Core X1

- Supplements I use and why:

Again A lot! 😊

 – Protein (helps me recover as I deplete a lot)

- BCAA ( A must for everyone for muscle retention as well as recovery)

- Creatine (for power and output)

- Beta-Alanine (Buffer Lactic Acid)

- Super Greens (Makes sure I get everything I need and stay healthy)

- Pre-Workout (Currently using Sonic Boom – Keeps me training hard)

- Test booster (Testorise – Helps keep me at the top of my game)

Many more but these are the main ones

- top 3 movies:

Anything Marvel

Any Harry Potter

Love anything Sci-Fi or Mythological

- Top 3 junk foods:

Simple Aussie Foods

Potato Chips



- bottom 3 foods:

None I love everything

- cats or dogs:

definitely a Dog person

3 people Past or Present you would invite to a dinner party?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Hemsworth

My Grandparents as I never really got to spend much time with them

What you love about NI:

I love what we stand for and what we all deliver. A no bullshit approach to the industry always putting our customers and staff first. We may not go with the traditional flow but we try our best all the time no matter what’s put in front of us!