Ethan Shanahan


About me

Since a young age I have spent my time around numerous sports. I took a liking to golf at the age of 15 and was fortunate enough to turn Professional at age 20 in 2010. I spent a few years playing internationally and around Australia. My claim to fame is being award Trainee Rookie of the year and managed to crack top 1000 in world rankings a few years later. I still compete in the odd Professional event but have since turned my focus to Long Drive (hitting the ball as far as possible for those non golfers) and enjoying the game more. Outside of golf my other passions include martial arts, music, guitar and cars. Having lived in the same postcode my whole life, I have just relocated to the Sunshine state and haven’t looked back!


PGA Member
Diploma in Sport Coaching

Exercise routine

With limited weights and resources at home I’m performing a lot more isometric exercises and getting creative (don’t underestimate the weight of a Labrador…). I have been focussing more on flexibility as being a golfer, I’m very one sided.
Outside of isolation, I have always focussed on explosive and rotational movements with improving in my sport the main focus.

Supplements I use

Vitality Switch - Apart from being super refreshing, I like to get my super greens in first thing of the day and I have found Vitality has made me feel better throughout the day.
Adrenal Switch - This is new for me and within a few days I was waking up feeling completely refreshed. For me it has certainly helped with getting a better nights sleep.
The Pure Essentials Creatine - Have taken creatine on and off over the years. Due to my sport and isolation I have jumped back on it and definitely noticed a strength and endurance spike. I like the quality and clean formula of Pure essentials.
Protein Powders - I have a few I rotate between at home to fill in the calories and pump up the protein. I mix it up between plant based and WP/WPI.

Top 3 movies

Pulp Fiction
Step Brothers
John Wick (all of them)

Bottom 3 foods

Coriander ( I f*cking hate coriander)

Dogs or Cats?


3 people you would take to dinner if it could be anyone?

Tiger Woods
Elon Musk
Michael Jordan

What do I love about NI
Apart from having the best range of supplements, the camaraderie between the staff leaves other nutrition stores for dead!