Mickey Kennedy


About me:

I am very passionate about health and fitness. I have spent 8 years in the industry and have worked in multiple stores all across Australia. To me my main focus with being behind the counter is to make sure people achieve their goals and not only keep their health and fitness up, but also their mental health 

- Exercise routine I’m currently doing and another when I’m not in isolation

Due to having to do home workouts it has pushed me back to a body part per split routine, but once the gyms are back open I will go back to push/pull/legs/

- Supplements I use and why

Greens to detox and make sure my gut health is in check

Pre workout because I love a party that only I’m invited to

EAAs for recovery and muscle repair

Fireball fat burner I use this as my morning coffee as I don’t drink coffee


- Top 3 movies

Fast and the furious series

21 and 22 jump street



- Top 3 junk foods


Ice cream


- Bottom 3 foods



You don’t win friends with salad


- Cats or dogs

Cats everyday. Independent, sassy, and cute as


- 3 people I would invite to dinner out of anyone

Id trade the other 2 people in just to be able to have dinner with my mother


What you love about NI:

The community we hold in all of our stores is much like a family.