Sarah Jane Cox


About me:

I’m a mum to a gorgeous energetic (ADHD +ASD) 6 year old. I’m a Bikini Pro in 2 federations and love competing and everything involved with it. Including the dieting phase yes!

I’ve been working in the Supplement Industry for 10 years now.

I’m very passionate about mental health, living with many varying mental illnesses myself and seeing the lack of help out there, it’s only increased my love of health and fitness as it’s the best natural remedy out there and I love the ability to help so many people each day better their lives.


I’ve got my diploma in Beauty Therapy which I’ve been practicing for 15 years.

I've also got my Cert IV in Fitness focusing on Ante Natal and post natal and used to PT mums and pregnant women.

- Exercise routine

I train to compete, and I compete in The Bikini Division so much focus is on Glutes/Hamstrings and shoulders as this is the main points in the judging criteria, so my routine in off season is usually

Upper 2x per week

Lower 3x per week

 With 2 rest Days.

I try and hit 10k steps per day.

When coming up to a comp depending where I'm tracking (I have a coach to help me determine this) I will either increase steps or add in cardio 3-4 days a week.

- Supplements I use and why

I change my Thermo and Protein (Usually Vegan as I’m Lactose intolerant) up each time just to try different brands to be able to give the best advice and recommendations to my customers.

The Supplements I use that are non-negotiable for me is;

Estrodetox by the Pure Essentials. I suffer from Endometriosis and the only product I’ve ever found to make a difference is Estrodetox. The Best part I love about it is its natural!

The Pure Essentials Multivitamin- Being a competitor I’m dieting most of the year, so this multivitamin helps to fill any nutritional gaps I could be missing.

The Pure Essentials Super Greens- This helps keep my immune system and body working. This is a full spectrum multi vitamin and pre and proBiotic. When I forget to use this I really notice it! My son even drinks this and loves it (that’s saying something for a greens formula).

I Add Creatine to any thermo / Pre-workout I use- again this product I notice when I don’t use. The Increase in strength, power and endurance I experience from Creatine is extremely noticeable (yes girls can use Creatine and no you won’t swell up that’s a myth).

Lastly I Also use Glutamine which I usually add to either my protein or Super Greens. Glutamine is great for your immune system, Gut Health and recovery.


- Top 3 movies

Jurassic Park movies

Harry Potter


- Top 3 junk foods

Plain Salted potato chips

Pizza Shapes



- Bottom 3 foods

Anything Choc Mint

Anything Choc Orange


- Cats or Dogs

Dogs- Dogs are so cuddly and are basically humans who just adore the crap out of you.

- 3 people I would invite to dinner out of anyone:

Angelica Teixeira

Janet Layug

Lauralie Chapados

What you love about NI:

I love that Nutrition Industries is one big family. Being Family owned and not a huge franchise or Corporate company each employee is Valued and known by name. There is some great banter amongst us all to.

They say if you love what you do then you never have to work a day in your life and I fully understand this now. I love going into the shop every day and love being able to share my knowledge and experience with everyone who walks in the door. Being able to make a positive impact on someone’s life everyday isn’t something everyone can say they get to be able to do.