Vittoria Pellegrino


About me: I haven’t been in the health and fitness industry long but already have a huge passion for it. I love working out and am always setting myself new goals to continuously better myself. I began competing in 2019 and placed first in the junior bikini category with WFF. I have plans to compete again in 2020 and cant wait to see what I bring to the stage!

Qualifications: I am a qualified group fitness instructor and am currently undertaking my studies to become a personal trainer. Upon completing this I plan to go on and study nutrition.

Exercise Routine: Generally, my training is very strength based with very minimal cardio haha, I do 5 strength sessions a week which consists of two lower body sessions, a back & bis session, a shoulder session and a chest & shoulders session. However, since being in isolation I have been doing a lot more cardio, including walks and some HIIT sessions and usually 3 full body strength sessions a week.

Supplements I use and why: Lots haha, this girl loves her supps!

  • Protein: helps with my recovery as well as helping me hit my protein target as I do not always get enough in through my food.
  • Super Greens: Ensures my body gets everything it needs to stay healthy
  • Estrodetox: (my favourite) reduces bloating and excess fluids, helps control my hormones and helps me sleep.
  • Fireball fat-burner: gives me energy for my workout as well as getting me sweaty.
  • Casein Custard: I have a bigggg sweet tooth, this way I am hitting my protein as well as not consuming too many calories.
  • Adrenal switch: I am a big stress head! This helps keep me relaxed, supports healthy adrenal function, and improves my sleep quality.
  • Creatine: increased power and strength, helps me hit PBs


Top 3 movies:

  • Suicide Squad
  • All of the fast and furious movies
  • Anything horror

Top 3 junk foods:

  • Pizza
  • Ice-cream
  • HSP

Bottom 3 foods:

  • Mushrooms
  • That’s about it haha, I love all foods!

Cats or Dogs:

Dogs. Dogs are the best.

3 People past or present that I would invite to dinner:

  • My Grandad
  • Lauren Simpson
  • Timber Hawkeye

What I love about NI:

I love Nutrition Industries because they are passionate and committed to helping others improve and better themselves. They know their products and customers are a top priority.