12 days of Gains! Buy Estrodetox and Burning Man for $99.95

by Staunch

12 days of Gains! Buy Burning Man and Estrodetox for $99.95

Estrodetox: Estrodetox has been created to improve the lives of men and women who are estrogen dominant. It helps to eliminate bad estrogen, includng toxic estrogens and promotes good esrogen and androgen ratio to aid with muscle gain, hormone regulation and detoxification, weight loss and metabolism. 

Estrodetox will: 

- Detoxify bad and toxic estrogen

- Promote good estrogen and hormone creation

- Help reduce estrogen dominant fat stores such as hips, bum, arms and for men, chest.

- Promotes metabolsim and overall weight loss

- Detoxifies your body of toxins

- Boost natural testosterone production

- Reduces cortisol and promotes adrenal recovery


Burning Man fat burner: Designed to dramatically accelerate your fat-burning afforts and help you achieve youir weight loss goals. Burning Man also aids in boosting energy levels whilst supressing your appetite. Formulated with proven ingredients in exact dosages to provide you with ultimate results.