ATP Subcut 200ml

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Subcut from ATP is a body sculpting formulation that has been created to go after those stubborn areas of fat deposits that you can’t seem to shake. It has been reported to speed up metabolism in order for the body to burn fat as it major source of fuel and thus leaving you with a rock hard and toned physique.

It’s got skin firming properties and has been associated with cellulite reduction. The product has also been reported to contain high levels of antioxidant agents that help prevent the premature degradation of elastin and collagen in the skin. It is also associated with improving muscle definition.

The ingredients in this serum are known for their fat burning properties and the efficacy of product is turbo-charged with penetration enhancers to ensure the best results.

So what is in Subcut? The ingredients have been chosen with care to produce the best results. Subcut can get rid of transdermal fat deposits quickly and effectively as a result.

  • Coleus mimics the body’s thyroid hormones and helps break down fat deposits. 
  • Gurana helps to augment the effects of forskolin by functioning as beta adrenoceptors agonists. 
  • Silybin has been reported to help in regulating thermogenic uncoupling proteins whilst preventing the development of new fat cells. 
  • Red thunder is associated with the enhancement and integrity of elastin and collagen. 
  • Black pepper oil reportedly helps in the transdermal absorption of other ingredients, acting as a sort of turbo-charger to enure the product works effectively to target and burn fat. 
  • Du Zhong (a new ingredient) helps with skin elasticity, dermal collagen support, antioxidant actions etc. to help tighten the skin plus it does a whole lot more. Du Zhong is added to T432 plus as a powerful fat burner. Adding Du Zhong to SUBCUT will gradually work on the connective tissue and dermal collagen to help with stretch marks and loose skin over time but it will also create some faster changes by addressing inflammation and adipokines that contribute to fluid retention, bloating, swelling, pits and troughs associated with subcutaneous fat pushing out into the dermal layers and bulging the skin. Du Zhong also helps to keep the layers between the skin and the muscle layers dryer and more vascular helping to create the dry hardness necessary to improve muscle definition and striations.

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