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Get the energy, focus, endurance and strength you need to smash it, from a seriously refreshing pre-workout supplement – KOS does it all!

Whether you want to build muscle or shred fat, you need to maximise your time in the gym to do it. The synergist ingredients in KOS not only deliver increased intensity and focus to your workouts, but also improve your muscle growth and strength and aid your recovery.

Each advanced scoop of KOS delivers 3000mg Creatine, 1500mg Beta Alanine, 250mg Arginine and 175mg of Caffeine.

Plus, it’s HASTA certified and free from banned substance – we test every batch! Push through those training plateau’s and reach your goals with KOS. Available in three delicious flavours.


Premium Pre-Workout
Strength & Power
Boost Energy & Focus
Beta Alanine
3g Creatine
Gluten Free
Vegan Friendly

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