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Why follow the trend when you can follow the creators of the pre-workout category?


BSN bring to you No Xplode EXTREME, designed to give you maximum punch in a minimal serve.


Utilising innovative herbs and botanicals, No Xplode XE is a potent stimulant based pre-workout designed to ramp up cognitive function, increase performance and it delivers the intense pumps we all chase in the gym as well.


  • No Crash
  • No Fillers
  • No Junk


This pre workout from No Xplode is a genuine winner!


With over 90% active ingredients per scoop, No Xplode XE will not only give you the energy you are looking for now but again and again and again without becoming desensitised to it.


Get pumped and stay pumped!




Endura Fusion


Utilising patented AstraGIN and Efforsorb technology, the Endura Fusion blend combines Beta-Alanine and Rhodiola Rosea for endurance support. Supplementing with Beta Alanine has been shown to increase intramuscular Carnosine and is responsible for increasing lactic acid removal. Combined with Rhodiola, users of this ingredient find a reduction in fatigue during exercise is present, as well as having potent anti-stress effects when taken consistently.


N’Tensity Matrix


The N’Tensity Matrix combines nootropics, cognitive enhancers and key amino acids to ensure brain function is optimised via the natural production of adrenaline and dopamine, while simultaneously stimulating the release of key neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for heightened thought process, focus and performance. With the addition of huperzine, which prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, the N’Tensity matrix will not only enhance cognitive function but it will prevent the fast crash so commonly experienced with other products.


N.O. Pump


Once consumed, Citrulline Malate bypasses the stomach and converts into Arginine, which increases Nitric Oxide production and improves blood flow far greater than Arginine itself. With the addition of malic acid, Citrulline malate also increases the production of ATP and when taken prior to exercise, has been shown to improve strength and endurance performance.


Super Leaf Complex


With 325mg of caffeine per serve, the super leaf complex also combines its primary stimulant with Ayurvedic leaves, which have been used for years to enhance well-being and support energy. With the addition of Theacrine, which is a caffeine-like substance, the super leaf complex stimulates the release of adrenaline without the characteristic desensitisation of effect commonly experienced with other pre-workouts.


This means you will never need to take more!


Final Words

No-Xplode XE is designed to provide the experienced user with a high stimulant, long lasting, no junk and crash free pre-workout. Use 1 scoop 30minutes prior to a performance for enhanced energy, heightened brain function, focus and most importantly, performance

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