BSN TrueMass

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Every athlete's goal is to attain maximum performance, muscular strength and endurance. BSN offers some of the best of ingredients to attain this maximum level.

“For over a decade, BSN has set the bar for innovation in the performance nutrition world,” says Vice President of Marketing of BSN, Kent Cunningham.

BSN boasts some of the world's top athletes using their products such as IFBB bodybuilder Flex Lewis, IFBB bikini competitors Amanda Latona and India Paulino, NBA basketballer Joakim Noah, UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and Crossfit star Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

True mass benefits:

  • Sustained release of amino acids (8 hours).
  • Combination of multifunctional proteins and carbohydrates for the day and night.
  • Ideal as post-workout.
  • 6 sources of ultra-premium quality proteins.
  • With digestive enzymes to increase the efficiency of proteins.
  • Contains BCAAs, essential and nonessential amino acids.
  • Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides.
  • Source of fiber.
  • Free of aspartame.

What's going on inside?

True Mass possesses a blend of alpha and beta calcium caseinates, high purity isolated whey peptides and ultra filtrated whey. It's got carbohydrates (simple and complex) and a mixture of six kinds of protein. It's also stacked BCAAs in there to round out the blend. 

Whey protein concentrate has shown great ability to promote muscle growth. Whey protein concentrate contain about 80 percent pure proteins. This is a high-quality whey protein concentrate due to a refining process.

Milk protein is complete with all the essential amino acids, in addition to being the richest known source of BCAAs.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) has been subjected to a finer processing requirement, thus it is more pure than the concentrate. Thus, this supplement provides with more than 85-95 percent protein. The lactose and fat content is very low and it has a high bioavailability. Due to the BCAAs present WPI slows catabolic muscle activity and increases muscle recovery.

Hydrolysed WPI is enzymatically broken into large peptides giving it lightning fast absorption rates to feed those trained muscles. Hyrdrolysed protein can also help stimulate and boost the immune system by increasing the levels of glutathione, which helps detoxify the body.

Micellar casein  is a sustained release protein because of its tendency to form a gel and release into the bloodstream over time. It represents approximately 80 percent of the protein found in the milk. An ultrafiltration process separates the casein micelles without the use of chemical.