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Do you need help to lift your workout intensity? Sometimes it can be hard getting in the right mind frame for the tough workout ahead. All we need may be a little help to get us fired up and turn and average workout into a great one. It’s time to check out Stimul8 loaded by Finaflex for the ultimate workout stimulation.

Featuring clinically dosed, key performance boosting ingredients (that we will visit below) this is the ultimate pre-workout, carefully designed and developed to offer support in your quest to become fitter, faster and stronger.

Stimul8 Loaded’s powerful combo of not only stimulants, but also nootropics, readies both the mind and body for the toughest workout and challenges you will experience.

Each scoop of Stimul8 Loaded by Finaflex may:
  • Stimulate workout performance helping you strive for personal bests and reach new training levels beyond your expectations
  • Potent energy boost helping you to raise your intensity levels and reduce fatigue
  • Support strength/mass gains by your increased ability to workout closer to your max level for longer
  • Heightened focus and concentration leading to greater speed and power
  • Magnify pumps via increasing blood flow and nutrients transport to working muscles
  • Promote recovery rate getting you ready quicker for the next session
  • Provide the desire and motivation for regular workouts which give you the best chance for results
What are the core ingredients found in this product?
  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 is beneficial for individuals interested in strength and endurance as it increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to the working muscles while toxic waste removal is enhanced. Also increases ATP production and reduces lactic acid among other important physiological functions
  • Beta Alanine is a known enhancer of performance and exercise capacity elevating muscular endurance while reducing fatigue. Leads to longer and stronger sessions and supports recovery
  • Betaine Anhydrous increases markers for protein synthesis, boosts power output and capacity to perform anaerobic work. Studies have shown increases muscle mass, strength and energy and that it may have lowering effects on blood lipid/LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Agmapure (Agmatine Sulfate) Benefits cognitive health offering nootropic effects increasing focus and concentrations. Improves muscle blood flow delivery hard and dense pumps and also supports recovery
  • Caffeine is well known central nervous system stimulant
  • L-Theanine helps us to relax, reduce stress, improve memory and offers other unique nootropic properties
  • Theacrine (as TeaCrine) extend and enhance efficacy of caffeine and itself provides a smooth and clean energy lift
Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new pre-workout to try then Stimu8 Loaded comes highly recommended which may offer a great change in how you prepare for the upcoming workout.

With effective doses of quality ingredients on a totally transparent label, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Try it! It won’t disappoint.

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