JS health- Mood & Emotional Balance


Helps support emotional wellbeing + healthy mood balance Relieves the symptoms of stress + mild anxiety Aids mind relaxation + calms the nerves Suitable for adults + children over 12 years of age DESCRIPTION Mood + Emotional Balance Formula - 60 Film Coated Tablets Vegan. Gluten-Free. GMO-Free. Aus Made. Mood + Emotional Balance contains Saffron, a well-known spice with a long history of use, particularly for healthy mood. MOOD + EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Saffron helps maintain and support emotional wellbeing and healthy emotional and mood balance. It decreases and relieves the symptoms of stress, mild anxiety, nervous tension and unrest. Additionally, Saffron reduces the occurrence of symptoms of mild anxiety. Saffron aids mind relaxation, and calms the mind and nerves. It also relieves disturbed and restless sleep, supports healthy sleeping patterns, and enhances sleep quality and deep sleep CHILDREN OVER 12 YEARS: Saffron helps maintain and support emotional wellbeing, healthy emotional and mood balance, calms the mind and nerves, and relieves the symptoms of mild anxiety.