Maxines Sip N Burn Fat Burner and Aminos

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Maxine’s SIP’N BURN is a high potency Energy Boosting & Fat Burning Amino formula that can be sipped on during workouts and throughout the day to help optimise performance and keep your body hydrated for optimum recovery and reduced muscle soreness.

It comes in two refreshing flavours, Going Grape and Fruity Frost, and provides the perfect balance of hydration, BCAA recovery, potent natural fat burning and crash-free energy!

We have worked hard to develop the best tasting potent shredding, ultra thermogenic formula to support your daily fat burning needs.

Utilising our SUPER effective Lipophase® Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix with a potent Energy and Vitality blend, this fat-burning BCAA amino boost will help you build that lean, toned and strong body you want!

If you want the perfect intra-workout or all day fat burning drink to sip on, look no further we have you covered!

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