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If you're wanting to increase your training intensity and performance than SPAZMATIC is for you.

Spazmatic by Tim Muriello is a powerful High Stimulant pre workout formula that is scientifically designed to increase blood flow for insane muscle pumps, elevated energy levels and enhanced mental focus and energy during your work out. 

SPAZMATIC takes you to an intense place very quickly. It is so strong that you could take 1/2 a scoop and still have an insane workout.



  • Increased energy

  • increased Mental Energy and focus

  • Enhanced physical performance

  • ZERO crash

  • Amazing flavours

  • Insane muscle pumps


Who Should Take Spazmatic?

This product is perfect for strength training, with ingredients designed to increase energy, focus, concentration and muscle pumps - adding this to your stack is the best way to ensure optimal 110% effort during training to get the most out of each session.

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