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UPS ULTIMATE ISOLATE Whey Protein 2.2Kg 100% low temperature micro-filtered instantised whey protein isolate.

This allows the body to deliver vital nutrients to the muscles immediately after intense training to maximise recovery.

ISOLATE Whey Protein undergoes the finest, micro-filtration process to remove maximum amounts of fat and sugars.

Each serve contains 34.6g of quality protein, with only 1.4g carbs, 0.8g fat.

It is an INSTANTISED protein, meaning it is easily digestible, with ultra low lactose and added digestive enzyme Bromelain to ensure maximum absorption.


It is the best choice for post-workout supplementation as the body can digest it quickly and easily to assist recovery.


- Assists lean muscle growth

- Maintain low body fat

Rapid absorption

- Added digestive enzymes

- 34g Protein

- Low Carbs/Fats