How to mentally help yourself during the Covid19 Pandemic

How to mentally help yourself during the Covid19 Pandemic

For some of us, the current situation we are in may just be the hardest obstacle we have had to face in our lives so far. Jobs have been lost, routines have been disrupted and things that we normally do on a day-to-day basis have been banned.

In a time like this of course we are going to feel upset, down, anxious and unsure, for some of us we have had to rejig our whole life, and of course our first response is going to be negative towards everything. I mean, what is there to be
positive about? Well, in fact, there are a whole list of things.

People have probably been saying things to you like ‘stay positive’ ‘this will pass soon’ and if you’re anything like me, all you want to do is punch these people in the face. Staying positive is much easier said then done, especially in times like this when positivity seems nothing more than wishful thinking.

For the past week I woke up each morning in a slump, feeling negative towards the world and everyone. I focused on everything that had been taken away from me and didn’t think twice about everything that I actually still had. So I thought to myself enough is enough, I cannot go on for the next however many weeks with my current outlook in life, I wont last. I know what you’re thinking, I’m not just going to wake up and think ‘wow life is good, I am positive, everything is great’ because you wont. But there are thing that we can do to help battle how we are feeling. Here are my top 4 ways for staying positive and motivated.

1. Find the positive in every negative situation.

It is without a doubt that we are currently in a negative situation, but there are positives, we just have to find them. Ask yourself things like: What is one positive thing about this situation? For me, my positive thing was that I still have work. No matter how bad life may seem, there is always something positive, it is up to you to find it.

2. Be grateful.

It is in times like this that we forget to remain grateful, grateful for the things we still
have and still can do. For me, I am grateful that I am in good health and have my family around me for support. Gratitude changes everything, and everyday you should try and find something to be grateful for. Focus more on being grateful for what you do have, rather than complaining about the things that you don’t have.

3. Exercise regularly.

It is no lie that working out make you feel good, it boosts endorphins, gives you energy and can improve your whole mood. For many of us, we go to the gym just for the positive impact it has on our mental health. Yes the gyms are closed, and yes that is very upsetting, but it does not mean you stop working out. Work with what you have, do what you can, there is still so much you can do at home to keep your body moving. Don’t set yourself ridiculous goals and instead focus on maintenance, maintaining what you have worked hard for in the gym.

4. Start your day right.

If you wake up in the morning and immediately think to yourself life is shit, you have
already put yourself into a slump and I am 99% sure you will have a shit day. How you start your day often sets the tone for how the rest of your day will run. So wake up and do something like go for a walk, cook yourself a healthy breakfast, do a home workout, listen to a podcast. You will thank yourself for it.

Basically what I’m trying to say is positivity is the key to all of this and it can honestly change your life. Every morning wake up and think of one positive thing in your life and one thing that you are grateful for. Change your mood and change your mindset.

Vittoria Pellegrino

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