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Help with Heidi - Protein water and what its all about!

What's the hype about protein water?

Protein water is one of the newest ways you can add protein to your diet. It's made by mixing protein powder in water.  

There is no doubt protein is good for you, it's one of the Four macronutrients your body needs in large amounts, protein fuels your muscles and your brain as well as regulates your hormones, digests food, repairs damage to the body, makes new cells, builds muscles, bones, cartilage, tissues and skin and also carries oxygen to the organs through your body via your blood.

What's the difference between protein water and protein powder?

Whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC) are pure dairy protein powders. Although they are the best source of protein for muscle building and recovery some people don't fancy a “milky” shake or isn't appropriate for dairy intolerant people. 

The main difference and the reason people go for protein water is the taste! It's amazing, and because it's made from collagen, a different type of protein, it mixes clear and is easily flavored. Because of this we get protein water or what I like to call…. Protein cordial.

There are some good things but also downfalls with protein water which i will explain. Protein water has been proven to help rebuild damaged cells all over the body however, it doesn’t provide you with the necessary amino acid profile for adequate muscle tissue repair. So if your aim is to build muscle a Whey protein is better. That being said collagen is better for joints, hair, skin, nails and gut health in comparison to a whey protein. 

Collagen also has really effective anti inflammatory effects on the body where as whey does not.

So if your aim is to increase your overall protein in a delicious way collagen is for you, otherwise if you're wanting to maximize muscle recovery and growth we opt for a whey protein, it's just not as delicious ;)

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