About Nutrition Industries

A family owned and run company that gives a s@#t......

A change is here! 

We stand for you and delivering you the best customer service in the industry to help you meet your goal and needs - a massive call yes, but we mean it when we say we give a s@#t. We have seen it with our own eyes, customers being treated like a number, a transaction, with no care in what you need and what you want to achieve.  We won't stand for it!

At Nutrition Industries we know you our customers are our reason for being here, so we want you to know how valued you are and that we care. 

We stand by that so much at Nutrition Industries, that we will even share the CEO's direct email... hq@nutritionindustries.com.au and we want you to email about your experience. We want to know if you experience anything less than 100%! But hey, we love hearing the good stuff too. 
Feel free to reach out anytime. We love to help our customers in any way we can, educate, inspire, promote and help you reach your goals! 

We have an extensive team of personal trainers, nutritionists, supplement experts, mental health advocates and more involved in our brand too which is what makes us different and better for you than what the supplement industry has experienced in the past.

Our company and brand is only new, but us in the industry is not, we have been here for over 15 years... You might remember us as a Mass Nutrition store in either Albury, Shepparton, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast or Griffith... but we changed our brand so we can deliver exactly what we want with the best service to you our valued customers. 

You know something... We have seen the ups and downs, products come and go, the diets, the fads, and some pretty hectic training fashion too.  We remain in the best position though and keep our staff educated so that we can educate you on what products work and don't, how to best help you with your goals and to prove to you we give a s@#t on making sure you achieve what you're after in your health and wellbeing journey. 

Some fun facts about us:

- We are family owned and operated

Our customer service and core beliefs are forged around our customers

- We are 100% Australian owned

- We employ a bunch of awesome people (seriously)

- We have been in the industry for over 15 years

- We have 5 brick and mortar stores offering the best brands and prices (and more to come)

- We have a bunch of great ambassadors and athletes who share our core beliefs and values and share our vision

- We give back HEAPS to our local customers with in-store and online rewards programs (have you checked them out? 

- We work to give back to our local communities by supporting a bunch of charities and individuals

So, if you got to this point right here, you read all the way through this... Firstly, thank you, sometimes we can waffle and waffle and waffle on but we want to share our story and let you know we care and give a S@#t! You have taken the time to learn a little about us and now let us take the time to learn a little about you! Follow us, tag us, get in touch with any questions you have- all via the deets below.


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Call us: (07) 5309 5755

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And more ways coming soon!

We look forward to seeing you and your journey!

And again, thank you and welcome to Nutrition Industries!