Help from Heidi -Top 3 Selling Pre-Workouts reviewed.

Help from Heidi -Top 3 Selling Pre-Workouts reviewed.


Today we will be discussing and comparing Nutrition Industries top 3 selling pre-workouts for June 2023. They are Disorder from Factions labs, Notorious and Cross Eyed.


My Name is Heidi, and I will be breaking down the ingredients, dosages, as well as who and what the pre workout is for and best time to take it. So lets get into it:


Disorder: Disorder is a great all-rounder product, it can be used for multiple reasons such as sports, Athletics, swimming, gym, weights training and powerlifting. This pre workout stands out to me because of the wide range of ingredients in this product such as 3000mg of Citrulline Malate to give you a good pump, 1600mg Beta Alanine to help prevent muscle soreness and improve muscle endurance. It contains a perfect hit of caffeine dosed at 250mg and contains your key focus-based ingredients such as L-tyrosine, Alpha GPC.


Another benefit of Disorder is that you can consume this product in the morning, midday as well as late afternoon without the stimulates in the product affecting your sleep schedule. I believe overall this is one of THE best medium stimulant pre workout as well as being THE best tasting flavours also with THE widest flavour range!



Cross-eyed: Cross-eyed is a very well-known high stimulant pre workout with their caffeine dose at 325mg per scoop. It contains 2100mg of beta alanine which is defiantly enough to give you the tingles! This pre workout is most known for their eye-popping energy blend for people who like to take their workout to the next level. This pre-workout is not only good for its high caffeine dose, but it also contains a stack of your nootropic ingredients (focus-concentration) such as 500mg of L-tyrosine, 150mg green tea, 125mg L-phenylalanine, 50mg selenium tortuosum, 2.5mg Huperzia serrata. And on top all of that off, they’ve included 3000mg of Citrulline into it to give you a skin splitting pump!


Who is best suited to take this pre? I would suggest it to any powerlifter or weight trainer who loves high intensity workouts, this pre is definitely for them.


When do I take this? Being consumed in the morning – midday would be best suited as the caffeine levels are quite high and there are long lasting caffeine ingredients in the pre workout.



Notorious: Notorious is a very underrated product, and it is my personal favourite for a PR Day or a brutal leg day. This product has a lower dose of caffeine in it containing 175mg of caffeine. The reason why this product is so highly  rated is because of the crazy stims in it such as some of the old school stuff which get you absolutely buzzing and a crazy strong mind muscle connection, insane focus and motivation to get it done and gives you that feel good energy. The stimulants in this product are long lasting, lasting up to 8+ hours giving you not only a good performance workout but leaves you feeling good after your workout ready to smash out the rest of your day!


Who is best suited to take this pre? I would suggest it to athletes, weight trainers, power lifters, swimmers.


When to take this? I would strongly suggest using this pre workout morning-midday as it would impact your quality of sleep.


So there you have it guys! My take on the Top 3 Pre-Workouts for June!



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