Top 5 Supplements for CrossFit

Top 5 Supplements for CrossFit

Top 5 Supplements for CrossFit

We can all agree on the fact that CrossFit workouts can often get quite harsh and
demanding, and with time, they get even more challenging. The aim is to build
strength, recover quickly and beat your previous AMRAP score. Nothing beats
good nutrition from whole foods, but when CrossFit comes into the mix with its
highly intensive workout, supplements are essential for the process. While
supplements don’t do the work for you, they do, however, help you along the

Some of the best CrossFit supplements are:

1. Protein Powder
The body needs protein like a car needs its fuel. Though it is always suggested
that you get your proteins from whole foods, protein supplements help make it
easier to get those protein levels up on the go exactly when you need them to.
With CrossFit, you may have multiple workouts throughout the day. Hence you
need your energy levels up and to recover at your quickest, Protein shakes right
after a workout helps you recover quickly ready to jump-start the process of
muscle building and repair.

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2. BCAAs
BCAAs or branched chain amino acids help you speedily recover from a tough
workout and quicken up your repair processes. More over, they add flavour to the
water, making it easier to stay hydrated throughout the day constantly. BCAAs
also promotes protein synthesis and suppresses protein breakdown, which is an
important factor when it comes to muscle damage due to the intensive workout
that CrossFit requires. They also reduce soreness and fatigue, allowing you to
work out for a longer period. So, sip on those BCAAs before, during or maybe even after a workout, they not only taste wonderful but also help you through your workout.

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3. Beta-Alanine
Before we get into Beta-Alanine, there’s a common misconception we need to
clear up, contrary to popular belief the burning sensation you experience during a
workout isn’t due to lactic acid, its due to the build-up of hydrogen ions which can
often interfere with muscle contraction and lead to fatigue.  So when the workout
as tough as CrossFit, you need the right supplement to battle those hydrogen ions
head-on. The body can get rid of these ions by stores of carnosine. Beta-Alanine
helps in increasing your body storage of carnosine and hence leading to improved
exercise performance.

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4. Fish oil
As we mentioned before, with strenuous workouts, quick recovery is essential
sometimes even more than the workout itself. Omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA
and DHA, assist in reducing soreness and fatigue after a tough workout. Fish oil is
rich in omega-3 fatty acids and helps in this process. Moreover, this also helps in
maintaining a healthy heart and improving body cognition.

5. Creatine Monohydrate
Finally, one of the most effective supplements out there is creatine monohydrate.
While most supplements do more harm than good, this one’s been tested and
well researched and proves to be safe enough to boost the intensive workout
CrossFit requires. Your body relies on phosphocreatine when you first begin an
intense workout. Creatine helps to increase the number of phosphocreatine
stores so your body has a rapid energy source it can draw on. It boosts your
workout capacity and helps you to work out for a longer period.

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