Jas holding MRE supplement tubs in Nutrition Industries store

Get Jacked With Jas - MRE

MRE - The key to helping you lose or gain weight 

Are you looking for a healthy sustainable way to put on weight during a bulk, or lose weight while maintaining macro needs? Redcon’s MRE is the supplement you need. 

The wholefood meal replacement can be used as an addition between meals to easily increase daily calories; helping you gain weight, or it can be used as a replacement for current meals to help you lose weight, while upkeep protein and nutrients.

So why is this meal replacement the best? MRE is all about real ingredients for your body. With a whole food protein blend consisting of beef, pea, rice, salmon, and chicken protein, giving you a 47g serve of protein; to assist your daily intake requirements and maximise recovery and growth. In addition to this, by not containing whey protein MRE is easier on your stomach - so you won’t experience any bloating or digestive issues commonly associated with whey!

 MRE is also packed with fuel ingredients to help maintain your energy levels whilst in a deficit (or provide extra in a bulk!). MRE contains complex carbs (rolled oats, yams, sweet potato) to give you long lasting sustained energy. It also includes MCT oil, a fat that acts as a quick energy source for your body (and can assist with fat loss!). Combining these, you are provided with both fast acting and sustained energy to fuel your workout performance, and to keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day.

You can also adjust MRE to suit your individual macro goals. The recommended serving is 4 scoops - for 530 calories, 47g protein, 75g carbs, 4g fat. But don’t be turned off by 4 scoops - MRE mixes smooth, remains a thin consistency and without an overpowering flavour! However if you are bulking, you can always begin with 2 scoops and gradually work your way up to 4 to create a constant surplus that isn’t too overwhelming to begin with. Similarly, if you are in a deficit, you can begin on 4 scoops when replacing a meal, and begin to reduce the amount of scoops as you wish to create smaller portion sizes. 

MRE is available in amazing flavours; fudge brownie, peanut butter cookie, blueberry, dutch apple pie, strawberry shortcake, banana nut bread, and my personal favourite vanilla milkshake. Come and meet your weight goals with MRE today 😎💪 


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