Jai North


About me:

My name is Jai North, I have lived in Shepparton, Victoria for most of my life. My passion for health and fitness started years ago which was handed down from my parents. I have always had a great passion for weight training which is what got me into the industries I am in! I first started working in as gym as a Personal Trainer and coach at the start of 2018 which I have loved every moment of it. I am excited to see where the health and fitness can take me and have aspirations to have my own health and fitness facility.


- Qualifications: I have my Cert III and IV in fitness as well as a Diploma level in Sport!

- Exercise routine: My usual training routine consist of 5 weight training sessions a week with walks throughout the week. I am currently doing home workouts most days of the week with a lot more walking 7 days of the week to keep the steps up and the mind clear!


- Supplements I use and why:

I am still using protein powders and protein bars straight after my workouts to ensure I get my protein intake in each day, I am still using creatine monohydrate to help with maintaining as much muscular strength and size, BCAA during workout to make sure I am recovering the best I can as well as maintaining muscle tissue and a pre-workout before training to get my head in a good mind frame for the oh so enjoyable iso home workouts!


- Top 3 movies:

Terminator series,

Fast and The Furious 1,2 and 3


- Top 3 junk foods:



Ice cream


- bottom 3 foods: none, I love food too much!


- cats or dogs: Both!


What you love about NI:

Positive vibes, amazing service and the best high quality products in a massive range!