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Soft and fluffy with a chocolate chunk centre…just like a puppy really, but they taste wayyyyy better. If you want the normal blurb…just scroll down to the bottom. If however, you want “Fun facts” then read the FAQs directly below.

Here are some commonly asked FAQs about Noway Mallow Bars:

Q. Are they good?
A. Yes, they are!

Q. Are they really that good?
A. YES, they really are.

Q. Are they Chalky?
A. No, they are Mallowy

Q. Is Mallowy a word?
A. Yes, yes it is.

Q. How much Protein, Carbs and Fat?
A. They have on average 21.4g protein, 3.7g carbs (2.5g sugar), and 1.4g fat.

Q. Are they Natural?
A. While our assets look too good to be true…we are all-natural baby! Yea!
But seriously Noway Mallow bars have no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Q. I feel naughty when I eat these, why is that?
A. It really depends what else you’re doing at the time… but the bars are not naughty.
You might be though, you naughty thing.

Q. If I eat too many Noway Mallow bars, I pass wind. Is that because of sugar alcohol?
A. No, it’s the fibre. And we prefer to call passing wind; Panty Whispers. It’s more elegant.

Noway Mallow bars are just like a giant marshmallow with chunks of Belgium chocolate in the centre. They were created as an alternative to chalky, high sugar alcohol bars that have been the staple in the bar industry for too long. Not only do they taste like a treat, but they also utilise the Noway Bodybalance Collagen which is not denatured by heat unlike Whey proteins are. They are the perfect way for you to treat well.