Bang Energy Drink


Get ready to activate your tastebuds as Bang Energy drinks by VPX will give you a mouth-watering experience you won’t soon forget.

Avoid the high sugar rush and inevitable crash following it of your typical energy drink by powering up with Bang that will send your performance and endurance rocketing sky-high, offering all the energy without the crash. Best of all, it’s conveniently pre-mixed and ready-to-go so you can grab last minute when you’re running out the door for your workout.

Bang offers potent brain and body fuel that will give you a natural surge in energy, providing laser-sharp focus, helping you reach new limits when working out. It serves as a fantastic alternative to your pre-workout or coffee and comes in some seriously delicious flavours.

Amazing taste with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero sugar means you do not have to worry about drinking unnecessary calories. In addition to the powerful dose of caffeine, you will also find BCAAs, Creatine and CoQ10 and electrolytes that will ensure benefits are maximised.

What are the benefits a can of Bang will offer me?
  • Endless energy that will delay the onset of fatigue
  • Enhanced endurance allowing you and push your limits
  • Maximising workout performance enhancing speed, power and reaction times
  • Boost cognitive function giving you the ability to stay focused for longer  
  • Increase motivation to get to the gym and train hard
  • Convenience to grab and go when you need it most
What are some of the ingredients you will get in a Bang can?
  • Caffeine - Powerful stimulant that works on our central nervous system shown to boost our focus, reaction times and performance.
  • BCAAs - Stimulate the protein synthesis and also prevent muscle protein breakdown delaying the onset of fatigue which will assist enhancing performance
  • Creatine - Increases our muscles phosphocreatine stores which help with ATP production and increased energy. Well documented to increase muscle size and strength when added to strength training program.
  • CoQ10 - A cofactor in the synthesis of mitochondrial (ATP) thought to enhance athletic performance
  • Electrolytes - Help to maintain hydration and water balance in the body which is particularly important during intense physical activity
Final Thoughts

The guys at VPX understand that performance and taste matter and that every sip of your pre-workout should be an amazing experience. Combining art and science with quality ingredients and delicious flavours reward you taste buds with a perfect drink designed to give you the energy needed to perform.