Before you Speak-Keto Creamer- dated (15/9/2023)

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On a keto diet? Or perhaps you’ve adopted the paleo approach? Or, maybe you’re just trying to be healthier and know by now that your typical creamer is not the wisest of decisions if you want to see best results.

Enter Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak.

This creamer is designed to provide your body with the great taste that you love coupled with superior nutrition that will keep you healthy and energised throughout your day.

Since coffee is an item on the menu for just about everyone, why not make your cup as rich in nutrition and benefits as possible? Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak will supercharge your morning cup so you can feel great with every sip you take.

When you use Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak, you’ll notice:
  • Higher energy levels thanks to the MCT’s that this creamer contains.
  • Improved blood glucose control due to the fact it contains virtually no grams of sugar.
  • Virtually no sodium, making this a perfect addition to anyone’s diet who’s worried about blood pressure and heart disease.
  • An excellent source of dietary fibre – a rare find in coffee creamer.
  • Antioxidant support that will help to fend off free radical damage and keep you feeling your best.
  • Gluten-free so excellent for those who need to be using a diet that doesn’t contain any gluten.
  • An increased ability to utilise fatty acids as a fuel source. Now rather than gaining weight from your morning coffee, it may help you lose weight.

Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak combines healthy fats with fibre, giving you the ultimate in appetite control. You can rest assured that when this is in your morning coffee, your appetite will be well under control for hours to come.

In every serving, you’ll receive:
  • 47 calories, which is an excellent level for just about everyone
  • 0 grams of protein
  • 6.5 grams of dietary fat with 5.9 of those coming from healthy, MCT (saturated) sources
  • Only 2.5 grams of carbohydrates with 2.45 of those coming from dietary fibre
  • Just 0.5 mg of sodium, making this product virtually sodium free
  • All-natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. This creamer is naturally sweetened with stevia.

It’s time to ditch the regular unhealthy coffee creamer and get Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak into your day.