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Cellucor are not a company that rest on their laurels. They are constantly evolving and searching for ways to optimise your favourite products.

As one of the top selling pre-workout products worldwide C4 original lives up to its solid reputation with a well-tested formula that delivers long lasting energy, advanced endurance and powerful performance enhancements to get you ready to tackle any challenge.

Whether you’re just starting your journey into the fitness world or you are an elite competitor this formula has been used worldwide for years and has helped turn people’s ambitions into achievements and become their own versions of legendary.

Using only the highest quality nutrients such as performance enhancing amino acids, cognitive boosting stimulants and co-factors that will support the effect of each ingredient, C4’s innovation makes them clear leaders of the pack.

Now with more delicious flavour options there isn’t a better time to find out why C4 Original is the “OG” benchmark setting pre-workout

What are the key benefits you can expect to receive when using C4?
  • A surge in explosive energy giving you that competitors edge
  • Enhanced performance making you a force to be reckoned
  • Unwavering stamina providing the fuel needed perform at your best for longer
  • Heightened focus helping you to pay attention to every rep

Beta Alanine

Used to enhance muscle endurance as it is known to boost the synthesis of intramuscular carnosine which functions as an acid buffer in the body meaning it blocks lactic acid production. This helps fight fatigue leading to more intense and longer sessions.

Creatine Nitrate

Simply a more water soluble version of creatine allowing higher concentration of creatine to be absorbed by the body.

Also reduces risk of digestive issues and due to its nitrate content increase blood flow to working muscles


The most commonly used and efficacious ergogenic aids on the market which enhances focus, alertness, energy and performance in almost all users.


Behaves very similar to caffeine, yet has way less tolerance issues and users do not appear to become desensitised with regular use. Also modulates the release of Neurotransmitters associated with enhanced mood