Darkside - Turkesterone 120 caps

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Dark Mass by Darkside Supps Dark Mass by Darkside Supps is a natural anabolic support supplement that packs over 600mg of Turkesterone into each serving. Turkesterone is whats known as an ecdysteroid and is naturally found in Ajuga turkestanica. This compound has been shown to display anabolic effects on muscle tissue, without interfering at a hormonal level. Alongside Turkesterone, Dark Mass also contains Leucine, Chinese Smilax, Tribulus & Ashwagandha to create a very well-rounded natural anabolic supplement. Key Features Contains 600mg of Turkesterone Non-Hormonal 90 Capsules 30 Day Supply Supports Natural Muscle Gain Our Thoughts There are plenty of natural muscle builders on the market, but few come close to the quality of Dark Mass by Darkside Supps. With a huge dosage of Turkesterone and other compounds like Chinese Smilax this product is ideal for those looking to get that extra edge over the competition.