EHP Labs - Oxygreens

by EHPLabs

EHP Labs have created a super natural SUPER greens! This greens powder includes essential nutrients that may help enhance immunity, improve digestion, as well as boosting overall vitality and wellness. If you are someone that struggles getting in your daily greens, you are definitely not on your own - get yourself some Oxygreens to make consuming your fruits and vegetables super simple and enjoyable. Supplementing with Oxygreens may help: > Support Liver Detoxification > Boosts Immumity & Vitality > Promote A Healthy Gut and Improve Digestion Available in three delicious flavours: Forest Berries, Strawberry Margarita, & Pineapple DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 1 scoop with 350ml of cold water or your favourite beverage and consume immediately.