Flush H20

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Are you feeling bloated or clogged up? Is the water retention and inflammation in your stomach bothering you? These common issues tend to be pushed aside as you silently suffer throughout your day. Don’t let these problems consume you! A great option when you are experiencing issues like this, is to naturally detoxify the body. 


Flush H20 by Athletic sport is a specially designed anti-inflammatory dietary supplement, that helps detoxify and cleanse the body. Incorporating traditional African medicines, this formula supports healthy blood pressure, assists energy levels and reduces inflammation in the body.  As a natural diuretic, Flush H20 helps reduce water retention and will get you back to feeling fresh and energised in no time.  


When you take Flush H20 by Athletic Sport you will: 

Naturally detoxify the body 

Help lower blood pressure 

May reduce inflammation in the body 

Assist energy levels 

Support overall health 

In combination with a healthy and balanced diet, Flush H20 can help get you back to feeling fresh and alive. This natural, fully vegan supplement will be the perfect solution when you need it the most.  


In each capsule you will receive: 

1000 mg of Phyllanthus Amarus extract 

500mg of Dandelion extract 

500mg of Celery Seed extract 

210mg of natural caffeine (from green tea) 

100mg of Olive leaf extract