Full Spectrum Hemp 2000mg by The Natural Co


The Natural Co presents it's 100% organic, Australian Made, vegan, full spectrum hemp oil grown from the cannabis sativa plant. Each serve contains 66mg/ml Cannabidiol (CBD isolate) in an avocado carrier oil. The Natural Co utilizes hemp which is grown under license in Northern NSW, in pristine growing conditions, which uses only natural growing methods with no pesticides, meaning only the purest and finest oil is delivered to you. Full Spectrum Hemp oil will help create a complete restorative experience, so you can bring daily balance to your life. It may assist in sustaining balanced mood, may promote improved sleep, may help with body aches and circulation.

  • 30ml of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tincture infused with broad spectrum hemp extract.
  • Non-psychoactive, contains non-detectable levels of THC (<0.13%).
  • Available in 1 strength of Full Spectrum: - 2000.
  • Dropper bottle for easy and precise use.

If I have a drug test will I test positive?

  • No, the THC has been removed through a water-based extraction process to make the Full Spectrum oil almost THC free with less than 0.3%. This amount is non-detectable. However this small trace element of THC is needed to promote the “Entourage Effect”. It is still recommended however, that if you undertake regular and rigorous drug testing, to not use this product.

Will I get high or addicted?

  • No, Full Spectrum will not get you “high”. You may experience feelings of relaxation after taking Full Spectrum and also some tiredness. Full Spectrum contains no addictive substances.