Ghost Size V2


Ghost Size V2 is finally here and its worth the wait! Build more muscle and make gains faster than photoshop with this high grade, clinically dosed, transparent AF muscle builder. All Ghost products feature a 100% transparent label that fully discloses the dose of each active ingredient. Zero proprietary blends means you know what your getting in each and every scoop. What Is In Ghost V2? 5G Creapure Creatine - Creapure is a Creatine Monohydrate in the purest, highest grade on the market. Creapure maximizes efficacy, absorption and solubility. 2.5g Betaine - Betaine works hand in hand with Creatine to deliver some pretty epic muscle building benefits. 3.2g Beta-Alanine - Beta-Alanine has been shown to enhance muscular endurance. Many people report being able to perform one or two additional reps in the gym and it has also been shown to improve moderate to high intensity cardiovascular exercise performance. BetaPrime - Beta-Alanine tingles arent for everyone...especially 3.2 grams worth. BetaPrime, a complement to Beta-Alanine, reduces the amount of tingles users feel to allow you to stay comfy while reaping max benefits.