Red Dragon Glutamine 375g


Pure L-Glutamine - not just your average amino acid, this incredible compound is a fundamental building block of protein. Our bodies produce it naturally, but it can also be absorbed through dietary supplementation. Fuel your fitness with Red Dragon Nutritionals Glutamine. Whether an athlete is striving for peak performance or someone on a fitness journey, glutamine is designed to support muscle recovery and growth. Elevate your performance and unleash your true potential with this 100% pure l glutamine powder. With each serving, you provide your body with the building blocks it needs to repair muscles post-workout and return stronger. Our bodies naturally produce glutamine, and this amino acid is incredible as it’s fundamental for building protein blocks. This pharmaceutical-grade glutamine aids in recovery so that you can return to training quicker. Embrace faster recovery times and experience lasting results that motivate you to push harder in your fitness journey. Glutamine powder is also known for its gut health benefits, as it supports the gut microbiome. What are the benefits of Glutamine by Red Dragon Nutritionals? Support recovery and growth Support gut health Support wellness 100% pure l glutamine powder Non-GMO 5g of pure glutamine Can you get glutamine from food? Yes, glutamine is found in protein-rich foods, including meat, dairy, beans and legumes. The body naturally produces glutamine. A glutamine supplement will help replenish glutamine in the body if an appropriate diet is not enough.