Macro Mike- Almond protein


Our All New Luxe Range! The ultimate quest started almost 18 months ago with our goal to turn our all time favourite caramelised biscuit spread into a Premium Almond Protein. Alas we have finally done it, we believe this is an amazing Macro Mike twist on the iconic biscuit spread. As always we’ve kept it gluten and dairy free. We’ve made this the perfect balance of biscuit, caramel and a nice subtle hint of cinnamon. Arguably one of our best yet and Mike’s personal fav from the LUXE range. We've taken our best selling product our Premium Almond Protein and we've made it better than ever. These 4 LUXE flavours of Almond Protein will take your taste buds on a journey of taste sensations. From our Caramelised Biscuit tasting like your favourite naughty biscuit spread to our Chocolate Caramel Bar inspired by all our fav chocolate candy bars. We're pretty quietly confident that these are our best products yet and we're confident we can retain our self proclaimed title of 'Best Tasting Plant Protein In The Whole Damn Universe'. Jokes aside - these are absolutely some of the best products to come out Macro Mike in the last 5 years so grab them before they're sold out. NOM NOM NOM!!