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With Maxine's Nitetime, sleeping becomes a workout too!

Taking a slow release protein before you go to bed gives your body the resources it needs to recover and repair your muscles. If you don't have the ingredients necessary, your body might not build the lean muscle you want, or even worse, strip down other muscles to repair the ones you're working on!

As well as quality sustained release protein, Maxine's Nitetime has extra fat burning ingredients, including:

-Raspberry Ketones These can help stimulate your body's fat burning capabilities.
-Green Coffee Bean Extract This fat burner contains high levels of antioxidants , as well as caffeine to boost your metabolism, and chlorogenic acid to assist weight loss.
-Green Tea Extract Increases your metabolic rate, and also helps your body use the carbs you eat, rather than store them as fat.
-African Mango Seed Extract This extract is packed with Leptin, a fantastic metabolism booster that also helps you feel less hungry.
-Calming Herbs Drifting off to sleep can be tricky for some people, but with added Skullcap and Chamomile, Nitetime helps you get the rest you need.

All this combines to make Maxine's Nitetime a perfect night time formula for anyone trying to tone up!

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