NEXUS - Detonation X

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What Can You Expect From DetonationX?

Long-Lasting Energy, with no jitters!

Laser Like Focus

Explosive Strength

Skin Splitting Pumps

Reduced Fatigue

Increased Nutrient Delivery

Tastes Amazing

Get ready to Escape Your Limits with DetonationX!



Unshakeable Energy, Explosive Strength and Laser Focus.

If your Pre-Workout doesn’t provide all this, whilst tasting absolutely incredible, you need to stop taking ordinary, and start expecting the Extraordinary.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your Fitness Journey or an Elite Level Athlete looking to take your training to the next level, DetonationX’s synergistic blend of efficaciously dosed ingredients will be in your corner, every step of the way.

DetonationX is a pre-workout designed to be like nothing you have ever experienced. With all of the key ingredients you need to bring you advanced levels of energy, focus, endurance, strength and pumps! It is the All-In-One Pre-Workout you have been searching for.


DetonationX Has ZERO CRASH & No Anxiety associated with consumption. Why? Because we have combined Fast & Slow releasing and diminishing stimulants to provide the perfect link between adrenaline & dopamine. This, combined with our incredible blend of nootropics helps to extend the effect of all of the stimulants found in DetonationX.


DETONATIONX Covers all aspects of your training, by:

  1. Increasing Your Energy
  2. Elevating Your Mood and Enhancing Your Motivation
  3. Providing Clean, Long Lasting Laser Like Focus
  4. Increasing Your Blood Flow & Enhancing Your Strength
  5. Enhancing Your Bodies Nutrient Delivery & Positively Impacting Hormones Necessary For Protein Synthesis

WHY DetonationX?

Detonation X utilizes scientifically proven neuro-enhancers to optimize your mind/muscle coordination while increasing nutrient transportation for greater absorption. The unique blend works to minimize the 'crash' associated with most pre-workouts in today's market, optimizing energy, vitality and mental focus throughout your entire day.

We have a no-holds barred approach with all our products. Unlike many other Pre-Workouts, we’ve got nothing to hide, no fancy proprietary blends and unknown ingredients dosages. What you see is what you get, and what you get is all the necessary tools required to take your training to the Next Level.


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