Novo Protein Wafer

by novo

THE WAFER YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Want a delicious & creamy, guilt free protein wafer bar? Then you've come to the right place! Don't want to undo all that hard work just because you love wafers? Novo's Protein Wafer Bar is just what you need. With a generous 12g of Protein per bar and available in 6 delicious flavours, healthier snacking has never been so tasty! 12g of protein per bar 215 calories per bar 11g of carbs Made with real Belgian chocolate The true benefits with a protein bar can be to satisfy your sweet tooth while helping you reduce your intake of sugary snacks. With Novo's formula, this protein bar is perfect to have at anytime of the day, especially pre- or post-workout to boost your daily protein intake Novo Protein Wafers come in 6 delicious flavours: Cookies & Cream, Chocolate orange, Milk Chocolate, Salted caramel, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream