Nexus bring us their NEW explosive pre-workout PER4M and are aiming to set a new industry benchmark! This all-in-one high stimulant formula covers all basis providing you with explosive energy, skin splitting pumps and enhanced focus & mental performance. PER4M has been clinically dosed with 16g per recommended serving utilising 17 carefully selected ingredients and is available in 3 delicious, thirst quenching flavours allowing you to PER4M at your absolute best! Helps To Increase Energy Elevates your mood Provides Clean, Long Lasting Focus Increase Strength & Insane Pumps Enhanced Performance: PER4M's formulation is centred around improving your athletic performance with 500mg L-Tyrosine, 100mg L-Theanine, 25mg Pterostilbene and 130mg of Theobroma Cacao, making this pre-workout the ultimate training partner. Increased Strength: PER4M contains a load of ingredients to improve the users strength during a training session, push harder for longer with a clinical dose of 3200mg of Beta Alanine and 1g of Taurine. Explosive Energy: And Impressive energy complex consisting of 250mg of Alpha GPC, 200mg English Walnut Extract, 30mg Messembrine for a clean, positive energy boost without the crash! Skin Splitting Pumps: With a full clinical dose of 6000mg L-Citrulline and an added 200mg of L-Norvaline PER4M offers a pump experience like no other! Available in: