Purge Supps - HYPE X

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Purge Sports HypeX is a super potent high stimulant pre workout.

What will it do?

Purge Sports HypeX is a pre workout supplement designed to boost your overall training experience, delivering high-volume muscle pumps, intense energy and unrivalled focus to

What will you feel?

You will experience the initial effects of Purge Sports HypeX immediately – you will notice a sharp surge in energy and mental focus levels 15 to 45 minutes after your first dose.

Purge Sports HypeX will not simply provide you with transient effects that fade after only a few hours, Purge Sports HypeX will actually help you sculpt your ideal physique.

How to use it?

Supplement Solutions recommends

Access tolerance – 1/2 Scoop 30mins before training in 200ml water.
General pre-workout users – 1 scoop 30mins before training in 300ml water
Key Ingredients used:


*Beta Alanine