Shiva – Topical Cream 150ml

by SlimTum
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Slimtum Shiva Fat Burning Cream


Named after the Hindu god of transformation and yoga, Shiva is a powerful yet gentle aid for tightening and toning. Shiva uses a targeted formulation to help firm problem areas so you can look your best!

Shiva's active fat-reducing & anti-cellulite properties encourage the body to release and oxidise fat, tightening and toning problem areas for a leaner look.

With the highest standard of solubilised ingredients and an advanced transport system, Shiva penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous fat layers.

Shiva’s unique formula includes natural oils and extracts to combine the best naturopathic ingredients with scientific studies, for a truly multifaceted approach to fat reduction

Unique ingredient profile

Shiva’s active ingredients work synergistically together to achieve a heightened effectiveness of tightening and toning.

Enhanced skin penetration

With an advanced penetrator and highly soluble actives, Shiva has been carefully formulated for effectiveness.

Australian & PeTA approved

Shiva is Australian made and animal friendly.

Benefits of Shiva: 

  • Discourages cells from storing fat
  • Increases key enzymes involved in fat burning
  • Decreases carriage of excess superficial water, reducing bloating
  • Mobilises fatty acids and increases local blood flow where applied
  • Increases intracellular cAMP, sensitising cells to adrenoreceptor-mediated fat mobilisation
  • Discourages fat storage in problem areas through localised oestrogen and cortisol modulation
  • Utilises mitochondrial uncoupling, increasing thermogenesis and decreasing the formation of reactive oxygen species

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