SIS - Beta Fuel- Nootopics

by SIS

Why We Love It Wherever the weekend takes you, be sure you fuel right. The Beta Fuel with Nootropics Energy Gel is proven to enhance your power output and increase carb absorption without gastrointestinal discomfort. Combined with nootropics supplements to improve your mental performance, Beta Fuel Apple Gel is a complete energy source that'll give you a handy boost towards the finish line. Talk Nerdy To Me The Beta Fuel with Nootropics Apple Energy Gel contains a large amount of carbohydrates – 40g in single serve plus 200mg caffeine, 200mg Theanine, 1g L-taurine and 250mg Cognizin for increased cognitive performance. Fast Facts - 40g of carbohydrates - Added nootropics to enhance mental alertness - Vegan - Lightweight, compact and designed to fit in jersey pockets and cycle bags