SIS - Beta Fuel Energy Gel

by SIS

Why We Love It An energy booster in a unique chewable form, SiS Beta Fuel Energy Chews are a highly innovative jelly-like bar that contain ample amounts of fuel. With 46 grams of carbohydrates in an easy and convenient pack, these lemon chews are quickly absorbed in the gut and perfect for refuelling during training sessions or endurance events. Talk Nerdy To Me An endurance athlete should be consuming 80–120g of carbohydrates per hour during intense training. SiS Beta Fuel Energy Chews are packed with a 1:0.8 glucose to fructose ratio (maltodextrin to fructose) to ensure maximum energy support, power and optimal performance. Guaranteed to be absorbed quickly in the gut without feeling bloated or any stomach discomfort. Fast Facts - 1:0.8 glucose: fructose ratio and a unique chewable form that’s super easy to consume - It can be taken or consumed as a whole bar or broken into pieces (each chew has approximately 7g of carbohydrates) - Vegan with no artificial sweeteners - Available as single-serve, pack of 5 or box of 20