SIS - GO Isotonic Energy Gel (Variety Pack)

by SIS

SIS Mixed GO Isotonic Energy Gel is the game-changer you need to be in your best form and peak vitality and endurance. This on-the-go isotonic gel requires no additional water and provides a fast, convenient and effective energy source when you need it most. This variety pack includes orange, apple, lemon and lime, pineapple, tropical, blackcurrant and pink grapefruit flavours.


Talk Nerdy To Me

According to experts, endurance athletes should aim for 60-90g of carbs per hour during intense training. With the Science in Sport Mixed GO Isotonic Energy Gel pack offering 22g of carbs each, all you need is 1-3+ packs per hour to meet your peak fuel requirement! These gels are designed for swift absorption and easy digestion to deliver a rapid energy boost, making them a top choice for your training kit.


Fast Facts

- Vegan and gluten free

- Easy to consume: simply squeeze the gel into your mouth

- 22g of carbohydrates and 87 calories per gel

- 87 calories per serving