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Our 33 ingredients have been hand-selected to provide you with theplanets healthiest nutrients.

SUPER GREENS wholefood blend

Our blend of organic, spray free and sustainably farmed super greens will help to support your micronutrients in a way that multivitamin tablets never could. These ingredients will supply you with high levels of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you may be missing from your everyday diet. The variety of plants in our SUPER GREENS formula will also help to support healthy diversity in your gut microbiome.

ORGANIC MEDICINAL mushroom blend

Our blend of SUPER FUNGI will help support all vital systems of your body. Many of the ORGANIC mushrooms in Vitality SwitchTM have been used medicinally for centuries. Science is now catching up and proving the health promoting benefits of these powerful adaptogens. Together these medicinal mushrooms help to bring back your Ch’i (life force) and enhance vitality.


Our gut health blend is designed to help repair leaky gut and support a healthy microbiome. We have added Wild Caught Sustainable Marine Collagen that is 150% more bioavailable than beef or pig collagen, and far more effective at helping to heal your gut. The carefully selected probiotic blend in Vitality SwitchTM helps kill off bad bugs, mould, yeast, parasites and viruses while supporting the development of your good healthy bacteria.


Our entire formula will work together to balance your immune function and enhance detoxification, while lowering inflammation and improving your overall health. We’ve specifically added Himalayan Shilajit to Vitality SwitchTM as it’s one of the planets richest sources of fulvic and humic minerals. This colloidal micro mineral blend will help support your bodies daily metabolic needs.


A lot of people do their best to eat healthy, but their digestive systems are simply not breaking down and absorbing the nutrients found in food. We have intentionally added a powerful digestive enzyme combination to Vitality SwitchTM which will help enhance nutrient absorption from the food you eat. The old saying you are what you eat is not quite true… you are what you digest!

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