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With a thunder-clap and a blinding flash of light, the War Hammer Pre-Workout by International Protein will push you to new found heights delivering the ultimate training experience. Become a superhero version of yourself with ingredients specifically designed to enhance nitric oxide synthesis for massive pumps, carnosine enhancers to mitigate muscle burn and energy promoters such as caffeine and tyrosine.

Key Features

  • Increase Muscle Volume
  • Support Energy and Mood
  • Buffer Lactic Acid
  • Boost Thermogenesis

    International Protein War Hammer is a fully stacked pre-workout, delivering a range of bioactive amino acids, therapeutic herbs and nutraceuticals. This range of powerful ingredients are designed to promote specific biochemical pathways to support exercise performance and recovery. If you’re looking to create a couple of Thor-sized biceps, War Hammer Pre-Workout offers L-Citrulline DL Malate to support nitric oxide production, delivering more blood and nutrients to muscle tissue. This creates solid muscle volumisation, alowing you to wield that barbell, dumbell or hammer with extreme power. Each scoop of War Hammer contains 350mg of caffeine, plenty to kick-start even the most veteran of pre-workout users. This is certainly International Protein’s strongest pre-workout product to date. L-Theanine has also been added to the formulation at 250mg per serve. This specialised green tea amino acid keeps you mentally calm and focused, while you experience the awesome energy that this full-voltage product has to offer. Comic book innuendos aside, International War Hammer Pre-Workout is a strong product delivering a range of benefits, including nitric oxide support, enhanced energy, improved mood and focus, lactate buffering and even some thermogenic support.


How to use War Hammer Pre-Workout ?
War Hammer Pre-Workout Mix 1 Scoop (12g) into 350ml cold water and consume 30 minutes before exercise. If you are new to caffeinated pre-workouts, caffeintated beverages, start with 1/4 scoop and take before mid-day.