PCT/AE is an advanced, scientific formula designed to increase and support testosterone production and manage estrogen levels.


  • Creatine 380mg
  • Daidzein 100mg
  • Andronilate 60mg
  • B-Ionone 60mg/ml



Creatine is one of the most studied supplements which is proven to increase energy, strength and power. This ingredient is added to help achieve a more muscular physique whilst adding strength.


Daidzein is a natural isoflavone and the extract of a range of plants including red clover. Daidzein binds to selective androgen receptors and increases secretion of LH (luteinising hormone and testosterone. This ingredient can be effective when trying to restore testosterone levels induced from the use of SARMs and or anabolics.


Andronilate is a non-steroidal compound designed to prevent muscle wasting, promote muscle growth and increase muscle and bone strength. After binding to receptors, methyl anthranilate increases protein synthesis and anabolic activity, resulting in muscle hypertrophy and healing, mimicking the action of testosterone on muscles and joints. Unlike traditional androgenic steroids andronilate does not lead to any of the associated side effects such as suppression of testosterone or increase in estrogen, making methyl anthranilate desirable for this reason. Having anti-catabolic action’s, it prevents muscle wastage enabling the individual to hold lean muscle that is gained while trying to drop body fat.

Beta Ionone

Beta Ionone which is a cyclic isoprenoid, can lower and manage estrogen. Although estrogen plays a role in building muscle, excessive levels can have unhealthy consequences which can also attribute to an increase in fluid retention and the storage of bodyfat.


Take 1-2 capsules daily.