Are you Eating Enough Protein?

Are you Eating Enough Protein?

I have a good high protein diet


The most common thing that we hear in supplement stores would be that exact line. Our question we want to prompt you to ask yourself is do you know and understand what your protein intake requirement is? Now if you are reading this thinking. Yes, I 100% would hit my protein requirements. We are here to help break this down for you.

We always ask someone to walk us through their diet and 9 times out of ten they all have a similar response. So what is that response? We get told yeah, I eat good, I have a good diet, and then they start to tell us that for breakfast they consume refined sugar which is sourced from muesli or cereal, and carbs from toast without any added protein source. As we head to their snacks, we hear that majority of them eat fruit so we can see carbs again in the form of fructose and this isn’t bad, but WHERE IS THE PROTEIN! Lunch comes around and they eat a chicken salad or tuna salad and the meat in the meal isn’t weighed so we can not tell if its 20g of protein or less, but what we do know is that over the next two meals these people have to somehow make up 70-80% of their protein intake.

Dinner is the one meal where everyone says they have a big piece of steak or chicken with some veggies or salad. Now without knowing what it weighs we would assume it would be 20 – 30g of protein. Which even if we total up the whole protein consumption for that day and be generous, we could say that they consume about 80g of protein and that would mean that they are still probably missing 50 – 80g of protein.

This is where using a protein as a supplement can be so beneficial. You can add in a scoop in the morning with your oats or favourite muesli and you can have one after you train or through out the day as a snack which means you are now 40-50g up on your protein intake for the day. Which slowly closes the massive gap.

Protein is a vital requirement to every body and is not just used for the people who exercise and lift weights. Next time you eat, ask yourself. Are you eating enough protein or should you use a supplement to make sure you are?


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