Why is it important to take a Greens supplement?

Why is it important to take a Greens supplement?

Why is it important to take a greens supplement?


Often we hear people use the saying “we are what we eat” , but very rarely do we hear people say we are what we absorb and this is probably one of the key reasons that people can not seem to maintain inner health or the reason that they can’t obtain their goals.  So now you are probably wondering where we are going with this, but before we get to it, we want you to ask yourself these three questions.

Do you suffer from bad acid reflux

Do you eat all your micronutrients

Is your gut health good or could it be improved?


Super greens are a supplement that very few people take and usually one of the last supplements that they add to their stacks. When we look at the fact that 1 in 10 people suffer bad digestion issues, and that it is more common than not that most people bloat and suffer in silence. Now ask yourself is this you?. The other benefit to greens is the fact that most people are creatures of habit and we tend to eat the same foods almost everyday and the problem is that if you aren’t consuming a lot of variety  it is easy to become deficient in micronutrients very quickly. So, using a super green product will close that nutritional gap and make sure that you are not becoming deficient in anything.


Now not only does a greens product close the nutritional gap, but it also helps to remove heavy lead and mercury which is in a lot of the meats we eat today, helps to decrease the PH levels in our stomachs so that we are not so acidic that we aren’t absorbing the nutrients we consume, and most importantly it contains a pre and probiotic. This creates a better environment inside your gut which results in better internal health in the long run.


Remember if you cant absorb your nutrients, then you are not what you eat, but instead what you absorb.


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