Let’s talk about the connection between anxiety and the lack of sleep.

Let’s talk about the connection between anxiety and the lack of sleep.

Let’s talk about the connection between anxiety and the lack of sleep.

what is the connection between lack of sleep and anxiety?

Have you ever been laying in bed first thing in the morning after a really restless sleep and found yourself to be more anxious than normal?

If yes do you ever wonder Why that is?

Well One study found that the brains of participants who’d experienced even brief periods of sleep deprivation showed greater activity in a complex of “emotion-generating regions of the brain” and reduced activity in “emotion-regulating regions.”

Poor quality of sleep seems to put the brain on guard and spikes the stress hormone called cortisol. This triggers that instant anxiety before the day has even begun due to the fight or flight nature of this hormone when elevated

The problem is that this creates a vicious cycle of both anxiety and sleep loss.

How? Well anxiety usually causes you to stay awake and not be able to sleep and lack of sleep causes anxiety.

There are studies showing that one nights rest in deep rem sleep will give you the recovery you need to be able to get your cortisol levels back in check.

But what if I told you that there are products that are natural that could help you achieve these deep rems of sleep?

Firstly I’m sure you want to know how they work?

Well these products contain ingredients that naturally lower cortisol levels which means that you body’s stress hormone will not be so high and you will be able to sleep.

If you sleep this means that you have a decrease in emotion-generating regions of the brain” and increased activity in “emotion-regulating regions.” Which means your anxiety will be lowered due to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

With lower levels of cortisol we are able to
Avoid sleep disturbances which means we stay in the deep rem of sleep.

There are a few products that come to mind when talking anxiety, sleep, and lowering cortisol.

Please see the references down below to what we believe is best suited for making these changes

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